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Our New Model - Freyja - Shorter (22") Length!

Freyja_on rock_2.jpg

Folks constantly ask if/when we will make a shorter inkle loom – with our next generation ‘fingers free shed opener – for those with limited space ...  “I love and want one of your looms, but they are too long for my space.  Can Kairos make me a smaller model Kairos inkle loom that meets the needs of us space-limited folks – yet offers the quality and functionality of your bigger inkle looms?”


Meet our new inkle loom, Freyja (pronounced fray-yuh, the Scandinavian name of a goddess of beauty). 


Freyja is 22” long (6 inches shorter than our Skagit and Pro models), that still allows bands warped up to 8+ feet long.  And its 5/8” x 4.5” pegs allow for a whopping maximum effective warped band width of 4.25”!


Think of Freyja as our strong Skagit model, but reduced in length, and a bit in height.


Freyja comes with all the goodies we include with our Skagit and Pro models; pre-warped and pre-woven about 1", patent pending shed opener, foot lock-down clamps, rubberized lock knobs, extra heddles, special independent heddle tying jig, extra shed opener precision washer, pre-loaded shuttle, and extra weft yarn.

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