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Kairos Inkle Loom - Attachment Instructions

To manage UPS loom shipments, we use a smaller sized heavy duty shipping box.  We first completely assemble our looms to confirm proper fit and then demount its feet, its tensioner knob, and its 'fingers free' shed opener.  When shipping a loom, in its shipping box, in addition to the ready-to-weave main body, we separately wrap its feet, its tensioner knob and its ‘fingers free’ shed opener. 


It typically takes about 10 minutes to attach these four parts.  It requires nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver to re-mount the feet - which we include free in the shipping box.

When your new Kairos inkle loom is on its way, we automatically email you the step-by-step PDF handout to walk you through attaching these pieces. 

Once these four parts are attached, you are good to go!

If you want to preview the steps, we have the same PDF at our website’s Learning Center, each covering the same step-by-step instructions that we email as part of shipping.

As always, if you have any questions at all, we encourage you to call us at 206-909-6660, or email us at

Only when you are pleased to own and weave with a Kairos inkle loom

will we feel that we have done right by you.

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