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Our Inkle Loom

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Your Weaving Experience Improves because of these Features on all Kairos Inkle Looms

  1. Includes our revolutionary Fingers Free' Inkle Loom Shed Opener (patent pending) that lets you effortlessly and quickly open sheds --- eliminating the need to use your fingers to manually create the upper and lower shed --- while also reducing awkwardness, stress and harm to your wrist, hand and fingers.

  2. All our looms come pre-warped!  One less thing for you to do to get started weaving.

  3. All our looms come with approximately the first inch already woven!  You get a 'live model' of what you will be weaving for your first band.

  4. Your Kairos inkle loom arrives already hand coated with a hard, durable finish - that protects your loom from oils, scratches, staining, and other typical misfortunes - for many years.  Not having to apply it yourself.

  5. The front sliding tensioner's slot gives you a full 6.5” of warp thread tensioning adjustment, typically much more than found on other inkle looms.  Let’s you maximize the greater potential of the length of your warp yarns.

  6. There are no sharp corners to catch your warp yarns – Every edge on our looms has been rounded.

  7. Includes 50 pre-made heddles (75 on our Inkle Pro model) - you don’t need to make any before starting to weave and create.

  8. Some of those heddles are already in place in your pre-warped yarns, so you can make use of them right away, AND see how they are used and placed.  And they are precisely sized to work perfectly with our 'Fingers Free' shed opener.

  9. Front weaving area 13 inches long - can be up to 50% longer than other tabletop inkle looms.

  10. Shed opening is often 25-50% greater than other tabletop inkle looms that must be opened manually by hand & fingers.  Means you weave more without interruption - you need to advance the warp less frequently.

  11. An extended back section lets you create longer pieces - 10' maximum starting warp.

  12. Two loom hold-down clamps that fit into slots on the front foot, to anchor your loom to a flat surface (table, bench.).  This keeps you from having to pull the loom into your body whenever you re-tension the warp.

  13. The special rubberized hand-friendly tensioner lock knob relieves discomfort to your left hand whenever you re-tension your warp.  Compare it to hard plastic or wood tightening knobs typically found on others.

  14. Your Kairos inkle loom tensioner incorporates a thicker bolt  - 3/8 inch - to prevent flexing when you pull to re-tension your warp.  

  15. Your Kairos inkle loom is the only desktop band weaving loom that is fitted with a special metal collar in the tensioner slot through which the tensioner bolt passes.  This prevents the usually inevitable scarring of that slot due to the bolt threads cutting into the slot's wood whenever you re-tension your yarn warp.

Right Out of the Box!

  1. No major assembly required –  all looms are first fully assembled to ensure proper fit and function ... then feet and 'fingers free' shed opener are dismounted for shipping.   Step-by-step remounting instructions provided.

  2. Arrives with your loom fully threaded with yarn (called the ‘warp’).  You can begin weaving your first project in a few minutes.

  3. To get you started, you’ll see that the first inch or so of the warp yarns have already been woven for you so you can see ahead of time what you will be creating, and gives you a chance to feel it as well.

  4. Comes with a hardwood shuttle, pre-loaded with weft yarn.

Immediately Available Instructions

  1. Ships with printed detailed step by step instructions, with many photos, to help you gain immediate confidence, and help you complete your first project.

  2. Access to detailed instructional videos on our website’s Learning Center so that you don’t have to learn on your own (click our Learning Center navigation button - Home > More > Learning Center - to take you there).

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