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Our Story

Well, It all Started with a 'Hey Sweetie'

Aw, come on - from a 'hey sweetie'?  Yes, really! We went from zero to full business all because Gail came to husband and simply said just one thing, "Hey sweetie, can you do something to this inkle loom to make it easier for me to use?


 Richard responded with, "tell me what you want", followed by "Sure, I can do that.

What Gail actually said was that it was awkward to have to continually reach around to the sides of the inkle loom to lift up and push down the warp yarns to open the shed.

I applied my mechanical, woodworking and special props background, and came up with a design that used a carefully designed lever to open the shed.  Gail loved it. 


I built a prototype.  Gail used it and loved it..  


I built a good version based on the prototype.  Gail loved it.

When we looked at what we had created, we each said - almost in unison - "Maybe others would want to have this improved inkle loom as well!" Hmmm - why not? And so, after about three weeks after I heard Gail's "Hey sweetie", we dived into making these same improved inkle looms to sell to others who also wanted an easier inkle loom with which to weave bands.

About Us

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I am Gail Coleman.  I thrive on working with my hands; in my studio and in our garden and home.


My behind-the-scenes roles at Kairos Inkle Looms are: co-product designer, office, and shipping. 

Hand weaving has come to me later in life. I also have an older Macomber floor loom, a Leclerc Diana, a new/old Tools of the Trade Table loom, a Rigid Heddle loom, and of course, the new Kairos Inkle Loom.  


I am also an active participant and contributor in the weaving world as a member of the Whatcom Weavers Guild in Bellingham, WA.

I explain to people that when you buy our loom, you are getting our dedication to craftsmanship, quality customer service, and ethical and environmentally sound business practices


I'm Richard Gillingham - and hello from Skagit County, Washington State.  I'm the craftsman in the shop, who lives to imagine, to improve, and to create physical things, especially in wood. 


Wood has been in my life and blood all my life.  As a child, I lived and walked surrounded by thick Wisconsin oak forests.  As a young adult, I have lived amongst forests of pines.  As a mature adult, I have had three passions - sailing, being creative, and putting my hands to shaping wood.

When not in our wood shop, I'm often shooting pool (yes, we have a pool table!), baking sourdough bread, RV camping, and/or playing Scrabble.

When you buy our loom, you are getting my dedication to craftsmanship - a part of me is embedded in each Kairos inkle loom. 

About Kairos Inkle Looms LLC

We are not a mass production company.  Each loom is individually hand-crafted with one goal - your clear enjoyment of - its ease of use, its solid construction, its uniqueness in the inkle loom world, and its aesthetically pleasing lines and finish. 


And no two are exactly alike.  

What motivates us?  We are driven to be different - bringing new life, more capabilities, more variety, and more color to a currently pretty much utilitarian inkle loom world. 


If you have looked at our Signature collection and our It Takes Your Breath Away collection, and especially our unique 'Fingers Free' shed opener, you will understand what we mean ... and what ever-changing abundance of choices of inkle loom you now have for the first time in this industry.

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Signature Collection Sample


It-Takes-Your-Breath-Away Collection Sample

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