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Patent Protection Notice

We hate to bring this up but there have been indications that some folks expressed a thought to make an inkle loom that includes copying the design and/or functionality of our unique - Patent Pending ‘Fingers Free’ shed opener

We have dedicated a lot of time, effort and money, to bring our portable  tabletop narrow band weaving (inkle) loom to the market with the powerful new generation tabletop inkle loom shed opener at its heart. 

We ask people to act in an ethical manner, recognizing that it is honorable and proper to appreciate and recognize such an effort, and to not take something for their own use what another person or business has created.

The way to have a tabletop inkle weaving loom with our one-of-a-kind shed opener is to buy one of our inkle looms – and share in its incredible ease and power available to the tabletop inkle loom family for literally the first time in over 90 years.

Our legal representation has told us that we are required by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to aggressively watch for any attempts to replicate the design/function of our shed opener, and to issue cease and desist notices.  Failure to be diligent and aggressive could result in the Patent and Trademark Office revoking our patent protection.

We have official U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ‘Patent Pending’ status for our shed opener, which includes not only its specific design but as well its specific function of opening the shed without needing to reach in and manually move the warp to open the shed.  Should anyone copy our shed opener’s unique design and/or function, we will be required to be very aggressive in pursuing all legal recourse provided under patent laws – which can get very expensive for the person or business that attempts such copying. 

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