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Kairos 'Fingers Free' Shed Opener (Patent Pending)

Until now, every tabletop inkle narrow band loom weaver was required to manually open the upper and lower shed with their fingers, endlessly pushing up and down on the warp threads untold thousands of times, when they wanted to pass the weaving shuttle through the shed opening.  This is slower and more awkward than it has to be.

The one-of-a-kind Kairos inkle loom 'Fingers Free' shed opener has revolutionized - and replaced - the now-obsolete old style of opening the upper and lower warp shed to pass the shuttle through.  Now, with an easy-to-use pivoting lever mechanism, you simply move its handle up or down, and it creates - and holds open - the shed openings for you!

Not sure it's true? 


Click on each of the two videos, and compare.


The old method is on the left - hand and fingers have to reach around, push open, and  continue to hold open, the shed each time.


The new 'Fingers Free' shed opener  is shown in action on the right - lever opens it - and it stays open.


Which do you believe is less awkward and less strain on wrist, hand and fingers?

AlLL our looms come with the 'Fingers Free' shed opener.

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