People who buy and use a product are the best people to listen to when deciding whether or not to buy that same product.  They are also the people who will be able to pass judgment on the business practices of the people selling that product.  

Here are what people who bought a Kairos inkle loom have to say about their experience, and their evaluation of our looms.

Richard and Gail,

Thank you so much for this wonderful loom. I am attaching photos. I really LOVE the Fingers Free Shed Opener. What a difference it makes for my sore thumb. I am self-taught, so your videos were much appreciated. I am loving the package of extra heddles, washer, weft yarn, and the Heddle Tying Jig and clamps. The best part is all the information that you have included. It is very helpful and will make me a better inkle weaver.


I can't thank you enough.

(S. Jensen, Skagit model, 4/20/2022)

Gail and Richard,

It arrived today! All unpacked and weaving up a storm! I LOVE IT!

What a great idea to pre-warp the loom, really helps the newbie to start right in weaving. I am so happy!


 I also really appreciate the detailed parts list and step by step instructions provided. It really helped demystify the weaving process itself and aided my understanding of how my new loom operates.


Again, thank you so much!

(Linda Edwards, Skagit model, 5/16/2022)