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Richard and Gail,

Thank you so much for this wonderful loom. I am attaching photos. I really LOVE the Fingers Free Shed Opener. What a difference it makes for my sore thumb. I am self-taught, so your videos were much appreciated. I am loving the package of extra heddles, washer, weft yarn, and the Heddle Tying Jig and clamps. The best part is all the information that you have included. It is very helpful and will make me a better inkle weaver.


I can't thank you enough.

(S. Jensen, Skagit model, 4/20/2022)

Gail and Richard,

It arrived today! All unpacked and weaving up a storm! I LOVE IT!

What a great idea to pre-warp the loom, really helps the newbie to start right in weaving. I am so happy!


 I also really appreciate the detailed parts list and step by step instructions provided. It really helped demystify the weaving process itself and aided my understanding of how my new loom operates.


Again, thank you so much!

(Linda Edwards, Skagit model, 5/16/2022)

Richard and Gail,

I just opened my new Pro Kairos Loom, and just wanted to tell you both how absolutely delighted I am! I was expecting a well-made loom, but I was unprepared for just how beautiful this loom is - and how beautifully constructed. The design (thank you, Gail!) is pure genius, and I can't imagine how much more I am going to enjoy my inkle-ing because of this. To be able to use TWO hands while the shed stays open and steady, well, I could not be more happy - this has ruined me for old style inkle looms forever! Thank you both for all that has gone into creating this penultimate loom - the idea, the experimenting, the work that has resulted in the first real upgrade in the inkle world. Thank You!

I forgot to tell you how impressed I am with all the documentation that you sent with the loom. Although I have been inkle-ing for years, it was so complete and thorough that an absolute beginner would have had no problem getting started. Thank you for the extra heddles, and the heddle jig, too! This is the most thorough and well-thought-out product that I have ever seen.

There. NOW I'm done!!

(Lucy Harrington, Roseburg, OR, Inkle Pro model, 6/1/2022)

Richard and Gail,

Got it ordered!! Thanks very much, and I can’t wait to get started. I’m a newbie to inkle weaving and can’t wait to try it.  Wonderful!


This was truly meant to be.   I was just ready to order another brand of inkle loom, and decided to check the Ravelry inkle group to see anyone was selling a used one. It was there I found your loom mentioned. There is a link to your website there, so I watched the videos and read the available feedback. I couldn’t get that other loom out of the cart fast enough!!


It’s a real plus for me, and probably other beginners to have the loom already warped to see how it’s supposed to look and how to weave.


The fact that it comes with a shuttle, clamps, and heddle jig are icing on the cake. I’ll definitely share pictures of my loom and experience learning with that Ravelry group.


I wish you much success and who knows, I may be back for another one.  If it’s like other looms, one is never enough.


Best to you and Gail,

(Robin Coreas, Arlington, VA, Sweet & Simple Mahogany model, 6/8/2022)

Hi Gail!

You are more than welcome to use my words and my name on your website…and I also want to tell you that my loom was a gift for my birthday…my wife contacted your husband about the status of the order and after she got off the phone with him she just kept saying what a nice man he is—over and over! So again, thank you for a wonderful product and a wonderful buying experience!

Best regards,

Lauren Collen

P.S. We are tree lovers too…and we really appreciated the 'getting to know the wood of your loom' page!

Hi Gail and Richard,

The inkle loom arrived yesterday and was in excellent condition. It is a beauty. I am very pleased to have it. I ordered from you when I saw the one my friend Mary Krizay ordered. She lives nearby in Clayton, NC so seeing hers acted as the impetus for me to order one as well. I'm glad you sent some business cards. My goal is to pay it forward and see who I can encourage to order a loom from you.


Being a person who does woodwork as well, I have a lot of appreciation for the workmanship and thought that went into this inkle not to mention the brilliance of the shed changing innovation. If I ever make it to Washington, I'd love to pay a visit and see your shop, but of course, only if you're up for that sort of thing.


I also have to commend you both on all the extras you provide as well as the details explaining how things go together and the weaving instructions. It is rare in this day and age. I told Mary if everyone gave as much attention to detail and thoughtfulness as the Gillinghams have given on these looms, we'd have world peace. That may sound silly and overstated, but it's also probably true.


I hope this mail finds you well. I'll let you know if I can find some customers to send your way.

 I am in Chapel Hill, NC. That way, if anyone in my area wants to actually see the loom, I can show it to them.


Thank you very much for making this loom for me.




Scott Sino

Chapel Hill, NC

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