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Welcome to Our Learning Center

We've all been there...needing to know more, and needing a place to go in a website to find answers to questions about something one finds at that website.  This part of our website is designed to help support any inkle loom weaver (including our looms!).


It will continue to grow in scope and coverage, stimulated in part by what our customers ask us to add to this library - our Learning Center (send us an email through Main Menu > Contact Us).

Some topics are videos you watch here, and some are PDF's that you are free - and encouraged - to download for your own library (hard to remember everything from a video).

Like any library, come in, look around, and hopefully find something that adds to your knowledge and your day.

Warping Your First Kairos Band

How our 'Fingers Free' Shed Opener Works (video)
Core Weaving Cycle (PDF)
Glossary of Inkle Terms (PDF)
Re-mounting Shipped Loom De-mounted Pieces (PDF)
Part 1 - Remove 'Fingers Free' Shed Opener (video)
Part 2 - Anchor Start of First Weft Warp Thread (video)
Part 3 - Heddle Demo (video)
Part 4 - Warping 1st 6 Rounds (video)
Getting Started - QuickStep Guide (PDF)
Part 5 - Change Warp Thread Color - Intro (video)
Part 6 - Warp More Colors (video)
Part 7 - Tie Off Warp (video)
Part 8 - Remount Shed Opener (video)
Part 9 - Pre-Weaving - Insert Warp Cards (video)
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