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Inkle Weaving Resources List

Don't we all have our favorite weaving books, YouTube videos, bloggers, forums, and websites that we rely on for good information, and for places to exchange weaving ideas and techniques?  The Internet is a virtual cornucopia of sources to and for the inkle loom weaving world.  And yet ... until someone tells us about one of those resources, we may never discover it!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have one special place where everyone can chip in and say, "Hey, have you discovered this XXX place?  It s one of my go-to favorites."

Then, welcome to our Inkle Loom Resources List.  We started out wanting to share with you several of our own favorite resources.  Then, we thought, heck, let's open up this list to anyone who wants to share.  So, if you have a favorite inkle loom resource you want to share with other weavers, chime right in.  Send us its Internet link, whatever title it has, your name (so we can give you credit), and a one paragraph of personal explanation of why you like it.  

Once we have vetted what comes our way, we'll add it to this growing Resources List (hate to say it but you know there are some people out there who will try to take advantage of this kind of a list to simply try to sell you something, or other nefarious intentions).  Email your favorite to


We decided not to sort the list other than by date added to list because there would be so many ways to view it that one sort would not be practical for another sort.  By date also makes it easier for you to come back to this list and check by date to see if some new ones have been added since you were last here.


Your Resources List starts below - The first is a link to a PDF that is our own current 1.5 page list.   Enjoy!

Gail & Richard

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