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'It Takes Your Breath Away' Collection


You want an absolutely gorgeous inkle loom that can take your breath away?   Or just imagine -  someone comes in, sees your 'Breath Away' loom in a place of prominence, and you hear them say, "Oh...WOW!  I've never seen anything like that!  Does it really work, or is it a piece of art?"

You want to own and create with an inkle loom that only 1 to 5 of the more than 7.9 billion people in the world possess?  Our limited production for each series is typically 1 to 5 ... and that's it!

Want a loom that you are especially motivated to pass on as an heirloom?

Each of our breathtaking looms - when we can make them available - is made from exotic and expensive hard woods specially selected for their incredible looking grain and color.  And no two are exactly the same!  

Each one is finished with at least 10 hand-applied coats of long-lasting true varnish that makes you want to reach deep into it to touch your exotic wood.

Be aware that once we sell all of a specific loom, it is really is gone forever.  We may - or may not - in the future offer something similar, but never the same.

Currently Available 'It Takes Your Breath Away' Inkle Looms

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