COMING IN FEBRUARY!    We've discovered a single piece of true old growth Burmese teak - with incredible wood grain that was lost and tucked away. The base and two verticals will be made from this incredible wood 'find'.


We have just enough teak to make five looms.  That is all.


To give you an advance peek at what this will look like, we'prepared a sample piece, with 8 coats of true marine varnish to finish it.  You can find a picture of it  above - please dont drool on your monitor as we can't be responsible for the consequences!


This loom will truly take your breath away. 


Ask any mariner how difficult it is to find true old growth teak - and how expensive it is - and that alone would take their breath away. 


True Burmese teak comes from Burma (Myanmar).  It grows in sandy soil, and during its growth it brings silica with its nutrients.  If you look closely you can oftentimes see the red, orange, green colors reflected when light passes through the silica, much like a rainbow through glass.


We'll make the 'fingers free' shed opener and the base's feet from black walnut, and the warping pegs from eastern rock maple.   Then we will hand-finish the teak and black walnut in 10 coats of the best marine spar varnish we trust, to give it the luster you expect to see on fine sailing vessels.  You own this loom, you own one of only a very few that exist in the entire world.


This is a true multi-generational heirloom. 

Mariner's Teak Dream

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