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Taking Loom Orders Again as of September 5th!


To provide our best to our customers we had only temporarily stopped taking loom orders - from June 30th through September 4th. 

As of September 5th, we are again taking orders for our Kairos looms.

To those of you have have been amazingly patient to buy one of our looms, we thank you profusely for hanging in there until we can accept your order!  And that goes double for those of you who called to re-assure us that you have been willing to wait for a quality Kairos inkle loom.

Please bear in mind that we are a small two-person hand-crafting operation, which limits the number of looms we are able to produce each month.  It may be that your order has come in at a time when we are again busily working to get caught up on orders.

To keep customers who have an order with us where we have had to notify you that the shipping lead time has expanded due to our looms' popularity, we will be sending out a shipping list twice a month that will let you know which order number we plan to ship next.  Your own order number will help to keep you in the shipping timeline loop.

As always, if you have any questions at all, call us at 206-909-6660, or email us at

Only when you are pleased to own and weave with a new generation Kairos inkle loom will we feel that we have done right by you.

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