Taking Loom Orders Again on September 5th!

To provide our best to our customers we have only temporarily stopped taking loom orders - from June 30th through September 4th.  We’ll ‘open the ordering doors’ again on September 5th.

Gail and Richard will use this time to hone our organizational tasks as well as improve our hand-crafting process so that we can work to keep our shipping lead times to the shortest possible time in getting our looms out to eager new customers.

If you are a Kairos subscriber, we’ll be sure to update you about our September 5th time line.  If you are not a subscriber, and want to be reminded as to when you can order your new generation Kairos inkle loom, simply click on the ‘Subscribe to Newsletterbutton in our website’s footer and enter your email address. 


Subscribers will be the first to receive a reminder.  Each subscriber will naturally have first opportunity to order from the inventory available on September 5th.  Given the popularity of our new generation loom - with its powerful 'fingers free' shed opener - we could quickly end up having to tell later customers that we have longer shipping lead times again.


As always, if you have any questions at all, call us at 206-909-6660, or email us at Richard@KairosInkleLooms.com

Only when you are pleased to own and weave with a new generation Kairos inkle loom will we feel that we have done right by you.