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Startling Fact

For every inkle loom narrow band you weave that is warped a full 10 feet long, with 12 weft rows (picks) per inch - and allowing for a 15% ‘take-up length loss - you will typically need to change shed openings (Upper/Lower) by hand this many times...


Each weaving                   – 1,224 times


1 band/week in a year      – 63,648 changes

2 bands/week in a year   – 127,296 (commercial band weavers)

Imagine an inkle weaver's physical cost in stress, strain, medical harm, and awkwardness if you were having to manually reach around and into the warp every one of those many thousands of shed opening changes per year – which has always been required with other inkle traditionally designed table top portable looms!

That is why we invented our one-of-a-kind Fingers Free Shed Opener on our inkle looms - so you do not have to put up with it.

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