Experience the Power of the Inkle Pro


Do you want to go beyond regular inkle weaving widths? 


You don't want to have to move to a floor loom because you enjoy the convenience and portability of the tabletop inkle loom? 


We have just the loom for you!  And in an eyecatching cordovan color.

This is our professional level inkle loom, heavy duty for the experienced weaver who wants the ability to weave wider bands - up to 5.75" starting width warps!​

To support this substantial increase in peg lengths - 6", and 3/4" diameter - other parts of this loom have been made heavier and more reinforced to maximize strength and rigidity.


You will particularly appreciate the comfort and ease of the special left handle on the Pro tensioner - Rubberized for comfort, and at the end of a 4.5" extended handle for easy tensioning leverage.

These are SPECIAL ORDER only - we hand make them when you order one.  Please allow for a two week construction time, plus normal UPS shipping time.

Also Includes our Very Special Features:

  • Our revolutionary patent-pending Fingers Free’ Shed Opener makes creating your weaving shed openings a snap.
  • Our front sliding tensioner provides a full 6" of travel (much more than the typical industry normal).
  • 14 more improvements rarely found together on other inkle looms to make your weaving a pleasure.

Inkle Pro

Only 1 left in stock
  • Loom Frame: Length = 28",  Width = 12",  Height = 14.25"


    Loom  Total Weight :  6.25 lbs


    Warp:  Maximum Starting Length = 10' 2";  Maximum Starting Width = 5.75" (6" length minus cushion distance)


    Pegs: Lengths = 6";  Wood - rock maple;  Finish = polyurethane (hard)


    Base: Wood =beech;  Finish = polyurethane (hard) 


    Uprights:  Wood= beech;  Jointing to Base = mortise & tenon+glue


    Shed Opener: Body = sepele,  Finish = oil + lacquer;  Fingers = rock maple


    Feet:  Wood = beech, 


    Tensioner Slot:  Length = 6.5"

If 'Out of Stock', we are working on adding more as we speak.  Won't be that long.  Please check back again soon.

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