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SHIPPING- all looms are fully assembled to ensure proper fit and function ... then feet, 'fingers free' shed opener and rubberized knobs are dismounted for shipping.

This set includes two separate weaving loom hold-down clamps used to secure the weaving loom to a flat surface such as a table. 


They are made from 5/16" diameter round steel, with the overall length of 5", and bent portion of 2", and with 5/16" -18 pitch threads.  The wood clamping block is made from the same hard wood as is used to make our looms.


These are the same clamps that we automatically include with every Kairos Inkle Loom that we sell.  The only difference is that our looms come with special slots cut into the front foot so that the clamp lays recessed in the slot to avoid interfering with the warping process.


These clamps are not limited in use to just the Kairos inkle loom.  This similar design can be used to secure alsmost any tabletop weaving loom that has feet that can be positioned at the edge of a table.

Loom foot lock-down clamp (2/set)


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