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SHIPPING- all looms are fully assembled to ensure proper fit and function ... then feet, 'fingers free' shed opener and rubberized knobs are dismounted for shipping.

A set of heddles serve to separate the warp threads on our inkle looms into two layers by anchoring one set (heddled thread), allowing you to move only the other set (unheddled thread), to create a shed opening to pass your shuttle and weft through.   Inkle looms typically use string loops as heddles.


The wider your band warp, the more heddles you will need to hold in a fixed position the ‘Heddled’ (anchored) warp threads.


You may find that you need more heddles than automatically come with a purchased Kairos Inkle Loom.


You can create more heddles.  Just be aware that they must be a very precise overall length in order to allow the unique Kairos 'fingers free' shed opener to open the Upper and Lower shed openings equally. 


To make it easier for you to make properly sized heddles, we have made available a special heddle tying jig whose pegs are precisely distanced for just our Kairos inkle looms so that when you loop around the jig's pegs, and tie off, the resulting loop will be correctly sized for use on the Kairos inkle loom.


Each purchased heddle tying jig automatically comes with 3 sets of 50 heddles (total of 150 heddles).


One of these special heddle tying jigs is automatically included with every Kairos inkle loom we sell.  However, we do make them available for purchase in the event that a Kairos inkle loom owner needs a new one.

Heddle Tying Jig for Kairos Looms


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