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SHIPPING- all looms are fully assembled to ensure proper fit and function ... then feet, 'fingers free' shed opener and rubberized knobs are dismounted for shipping.

Weavings thrive on color contrasts, so why not the inkle loom as well!  We've mated the woodworker's classic choice of eye-catching curly maple grain with the strong contrast of purpleheart, for an incredible affect. Yes! We only had enough at the time of  both woods to make a few of these dramatic looms. We then hand sealed them in 10 coats of special old style varnish to preserve the purpleheart's original color. Try finding any other inkle loom that even begins to have such a startling and vibrant color (other than in our own wonderful other inkle loom choices!).  We could have them back in the future - just can't say when that will be.

Dressed in Curly Maple

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