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Kairos Inkle Looms

Coming in November!

Hi - I'm Different!

I'm the Kairos Inkle Loom!

Coming in November -  a dramatically improved portable tabletop band weaving loom that makes inkle weaving a snap for ...

the very young

senior folks

those with physical limitations

those new to weaving

and especially, experienced inkle loom weavers  


Which one are you?

Discover in November how I can help you avoid the old style awkward, uncomfortable, and endless reaching in to lift and push yarn threads to hold open the weaving openings! 


My revolutionary “Fingers Free” Shed Opener (patent pending) frees you from doing that.


AND I'm also perfect for anyone suffering from upper body pain or fatigue, and hand pain or limitations - who still want to weave!.

Skagit Loom #2.jpeg
Skagit Loom #1.jpeg

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