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Hi  ...  I'm Different!

I'm the Game-Changing Band Weaving Kairos Inkle Loom!

Come in - Look Around - Discover Powerful 'Fingers Free' Inkle Weaving!

"What astonishes me  is why no one thought of it before!  It’s so sensible and really would help reduce repetitive strain on the wrists and thumbs.  


I was recently out of commission with thumb tendonitis for 4 months of physical therapy — so I can attest to the need for better ergonomics!"

(C. Blackwell, March, 2022)

Discover how I can help you now avoid awkward, uncomfortable, less healthy, and endless reaching in to lift and push yarn threads to open - and hold open - the inkle loom weaving shed! 

My revolutionary “Fingers Free” Shed Opener frees you from doing that, and let's you focus on your weaving artistry.  Click the video above to see what I mean why it helps anyone who wants to do portable tabletop inkle weaving.

Because I'm a dramatically improved portable tabletop band weaving loom I make inkle weaving so much easier for ...

the very young

senior folks

those with physical limitations

those new to weaving

experienced inkle loom weavers

and a money generating boon to commercial band weavers


Which one are you?

AND I'm also perfect for anyone suffering from upper body pain or fatigue ... or hand or finger pain ... or limitations that might otherwise stop you from inkle band weaving!

REMEMBER that I'm equipped with our revolutionary Fingers Free Warp Shed Opener - which allows you to enjoy an increased ease of creative achievement with an inkle loom that is specifically designed to let you more comfortably and healthily create narrow band weavings. 

Ask inkle loom weavers why they have a passion for their narrow band weaving loom, you’ll get a multitude of answers.  That’s because the inkle loom is your doorway to endless fun and creativity, to a shared community of tens of thousands other inkle loom weavers, and especially, to the pleasure of bringing your own weaving creations into existence.  

What can I help you create?  Here is just a small sampling to whet your creative weaving appetite: belts...purse straps...shoelaces...napkin rings...instrument straps...plant hangers...hat bands...costume trim...bag get the idea.

Don’t stop with basic bands.  Embellish your Inkle bands with beads, tassels, fringe etc. to personalize your bands for yourself, gift giving and even, selling them!

Beyond the basics.  Can you also do card weaving on me?  Yes.  Simply remove my Finger's Free Shed Opener, and off you go (takes about 10 seconds).  Can you do pick-up weaving?  YES.  In fact, it is quite often easier with my shed opener.  You get the best of both worlds.

Decisions, Decisions ... So Many Looms, So Many Choices!

When Henry Ford introduced his first car, the model T, in 1908, he was said to tell buyers, “You can have it in any color  you want – as long as it’s black.”

Just as the Model T just in black is now obsolete, the same thing can be said regarding the typical inkle loom’s appearance --- until now, you were limited to mostly just in tan.


But now, oh my, you need to open your peepers wide and take a gander at our limited-supply Signature Collection!  You want choices, boy howdy, do we have choices for you --- often built with exotic woods, some showing off multiple woods in the same loom, and some even transforming the wood itself!  And because these are pretty rare to make - we make them when time permits, and we find exceptional exotic wood - you have to act fast to become its owner.

Our Freyja Model

Freyja_on rock_2.jpg


(Pronounced "fray-yuh")

A constant request has now been fulfilled – “I love your looms, but they are too long for my space.  Can Kairos make a smaller model Kairos inkle loom that meets the needs of us space-limited folks – yet offers the quality and functionality of your bigger inkle looms?

Meet Freyja (pronounced fray-yuh, the Scandinavian name of a goddess of beauty).  Freyja is 22” long (6 inches shorter than our Skagit and Pro models), that still allows bands warped up to 8.5 feet long.  And its 5/8” x 4.5” pegs allow for a whopping maximum warped band width of 4.25”!

Freyja comes with all the goodies we include with our Skagit and Pro models.

Our Skagit Model

(Pronounced "ska-jet")

You have our excellent standard tabletop ‘Skagit’ model.  It offers you everything you want in your remarkably improved loom to maximize your creative inkle loom weaving desires …

Including Very Special Features:

Our revolutionary patent-pending ‘Fingers Free’ Shed Opener’ makes creating your weaving shed openings a snap.

Our front sliding tensioner provides a full 6” of travel (much more than the industry normal).

14 other improvements rarely found together on other inkle looms that improve and assist your creative weaving passions.


Our Inkle Pro Model


Do you want to go beyond regular inkle weaving widths?  Don't want to have to move to a floor loom because you like the convenience of the tabletop inkle loom? 


We have just the loom for you!

This is our professional level inkle loom, heavy duty equipped with 6" pegs for the experienced weaver who wants the ability to weave wider bands - up to 5.75" starting width warps!

To support this substantial increase in peg lengths - 5.75" usable - other parts of this loom have been made heavier and more reinforced.

Also Includes our Very Special Features:

Our revolutionary patent-pending ‘Fingers Free’ Shed Opener’ makes creating your weaving shed openings a snap.

Our front sliding tensioner provides a full 6.5” of travel (much more than the industry normal).

14 other improvements rarely found together on other inkle looms.


Our Signature Collection

Mahogany_right side_quartering_#1.jpg

$499- $795

This is one of our Limited Edition pride-of-ownership collections.


You want to own and create with an inkle loom that only a few people in the entire world possess?


These eye-catching looms are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd of inkle looms.


Only available – and in limited quantities - when we discover richly colored and grained hard woods that we then incorporate into different individual looms.  They really are show offs!  Take a look at our current choices and you will see why we can say that.

And it also offers you every feature found in our Skagit Model that you want in your inkle loom to maximize your creative inkle loom weaving desires, including our revolutionary ‘Fingers Free’ Warp Shed Opener.

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