Need some replacement heddles for your Kairos Inkle Loom? 


  • Some got sucked up in the vacuum cleaner? 
  • Some got left at  the vacation or business lodging . 
  • Dog ate some? 
  • Some got so knotted up you can't unravel them?  
  • A friend or relative thought they were finger puzzles to play with?
  • Accidentally threw some up with your pile of yarn scraps?
  • You put your extras in a safe place to keep them - and forgot where you put them?


This pack of 25 Kairos Inkle Loom heddles are a perfect fit for those heddles that originally came with your Kairos Inkle Loom - created on our special hand-tieing fixture to ensure identical length of all our heddles.


Fits all models of Kairos Inkle Looms.



Heddles for Kairos Looms (25-pack)


    If 'Out of Stock', we are working on adding more as we speak.  Won't be that long.  Please check back again soon.

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